UltimateRides.tv with Alan Taylor

Ultimate Rides with Alan Taylor

Alan Taylor takes viewers to exotic destinations around the globe to highlight automotive innovation, world-class cuisine, and unique local culture in Ultimate Rides, the preeminent video series for gearheads and adventurers.

In an attempt to satiate his deep wanderlust, Alan will charge across Icelandic glaciers, race down winding mountain roads in the Spanish campo, report from the heart of Gasoline Alley at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and take the checkered flag at the Baja 500.

During pit stops, Alan sits down with industry experts, top athletes, sought-after celebrities, and distinguished designers to pull back the curtain of the automotive industry and reveal the inspiration behind the world’s Ultimate Rides.

Ultimate Rides is utterly entertaining, informative, and exciting for the whole family.

In episode one of Ultimate Rides, Alan travels to Kiruna, Sweden, an arctic wonderland an hour and a half out of Stockholm. Alan glides over the frozen landscape by snowmobile, dog sled, and Saab! Alan and fellow automotive journalists test the mettle of the Saab 9-5 Sport Sedan and 9-3x Wagon on a private track while temperatures plummet to 40 below zero. Learn how to navigate icy roads like a pro as Alan shares expert driving tips on weight management and anticipating obstacles. After an arduous day on the track, Alan takes us back to the world famous Icehotel. Founded in 1989, the Icehotel is an art exhibition made completely of “snice”, a mixture snow and ice. Join Alan as he tours the one-of-a-kind accommodations of the Icehotel complete with intricate snow carvings, crystal-clear pillars, and arched catenary ceilings.