John Sculley Helps Bring Innovation to the Rx and Credit Industry


Once in awhile, an invention is introduced that will change the world as we know it; we call this a ‘moonshot’. John Sculley, Author of Moonshot! Game-Changing Strategies to Build Billion-Dollar Businesses, chronicles landscape-defining events of the last decade.


“A noble cause is one where you say, ‘Can I match up what needs to be done to transform something in society… that can be done through innovation?’”


John describes how fast businesses can rise and fall at the whims of consumer opinion. Working closely with companies in the pharmaceutical and credit industries, John is bringing transformational thinking to the table. Find out how John is helping advance the fields of medicine and financial services, here!


  • [00:00:00] A Viral Explosion of Technology
  • [00:04:29] Bringing Innovation to the Rx Industry
  • [00:10:00] No credit? Bad credit? No problem!


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[00:00:00] A Viral Explosion of Technology

The world of technology is changing faster than ever, and businesses must evolve or be left behind. Kodak, former film photography giant and inventor of the digital camera, failed to foresee the imminent digital photography explosion and was forced to file for bankruptcy three years after the release of the iPhone. Former Pepsi and Apple CEO, John Sculley, says this kind of event is called a ‘moonshot’, a breakthrough that has the potential to change the world.


“It’s hard to get our heads around it, but things are changing so fast in technology that it’s enabling businesses that you’ve never heard of to become successful and famous in a very short period of time.”


On the other side of this coin, well established businesses can fall just as fast. In a relatively short amount of time, the whole world has become connected, and consumers can rely on each other’s opinions to judge whether a company deserves their money. The world is going viral, don’t let your company get lost in the white noise.



[00:04:29] Bringing Innovation to the Rx Industry

The pharmaceutical industry nets $840 billion annually, with most of the money spent on chronic-care patients. While Obamacare attempts to remedy the healthcare system in America, entrepreneur John Sculley says it’s not sustainable. John aims to bring much needed innovation to the Rx ecosystem with RxAdvance which reduces medical costs by eliminating unnecessary and/or duplicate medications.


John describes how this innovation is bringing growth to many industries in an ‘exponential time’. Find out how John and RxAdvance are changing the world of healthcare by forcing it to catch up with the rate of technological growth.


[00:10:00] No credit? Bad credit? No problem!

The majority of the middle class has not received a pay increase in nearly 20 years! Because of this income disparity, many people are reliant on credit. John Sculley explains that with the rampant use of lines of credit, many Americans have less than favorable credit scores.

“America lives on credit. It’s part of our culture. The growth of our economy depends on consumer spending.”


John describes how a new company he’s involved with, Lantern Credit, is using artificial intelligence technology to allow consumers to instantly boost their credit scores. Find out how their ‘Robo Advisory’ services can help you through the resolution dispute process with minimal pain.


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Guest: John Sculley | Former CEO, Pepsi / Apple | Keynote Speaker | Vice Chairman, Lantern Credit | CMO, RxAdvance

Book: Moonshot!: Game-Changing Strategies to Build Billion-Dollar Businesses

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