John Paul DeJoria on the Importance of Generosity and Happiness in Business

  • Posted on: 10, 05, 2017
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Many people say “let’s get America back to the way it used to be”, but John Paul Mitchell Systems Co-Founder, John Paul DeJoria, tells us why America still works the way it always has. After starting at the bottom, he found success by partnering with hairdresser, Paul Mitchell, to create one of the biggest hair care product lines in the world. DeJoria continued to involve himself in a multitude of other businesses, and rose to billionaire status. So, how is John Paul DeJoria able to keep track of so many projects while finding time for his caring, philanthropic deeds?


“Success unshared is failure. When your customers know you’re giving back from your heart and trying to change the world for the better… everything work(s) very well together.”


Thanks to his humble upbringing, DeJoria has been ingrained with a sense of generosity, and an aversion to greed. Money is not the answer to all of our problems, in fact, greed can destroy people. John Paul urges us to concern ourselves first with happiness and health, and then the pursuit of wealth. Find out more about John Paul DeJoria’s amazing story, what he has been working on, and how you can achieve your dreams, no matter where you start.


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