Diving into the Shark Tank and Gadget Accessory Market, With Daymond John

We’ve all been there, our phone is nearly dead at a family gathering, so we plug it in only to find out later that our Aunt went behind our back and unplugged it! Star of ABC’s “Shark Tank” and branding expert, Daymond John has a solution to this and many other problems plaguing the mobile world, and is bringing families together over Christmas Dinner with his mobile accessory line, Moguls Mobile. We find out more about Daymond’s must-have accessories; but what else has he been up to? Daymond gives us some behind the scene imagery of the set on ABC’s “Shark Tank”.

“It’s such a great opportunity to be a part of something [Shark Tank] that is inspiring to people and something that, even somebody like myself, I’m learning a lot. Not from the other Sharks, of course, because they’re all morons; I learn from the people who are pitching about the ways that the younger generation is doing business.”


From Shark squabbles, to troubles getting their investments off the ground, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes, or after the curtains fall on a Shark Tank episode. Find out what is holding back one of Daymond’s favorite investments, Al Bubba Baker’s Boneless Ribs, and how Shark Tank has progressed through the years.


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Guest: Daymond John | Founder, Moguls Mobile | CEO, FUBU / The Shark Group

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