How Tough Love Got Marcus Lemonis Where He Is, and Helping People Keeps Him There

Earning $1,000 dollars and employing 12 kids at the young age of 11 is quite the impressive feat. CNBC’s The Profit Host, Marcus Lemonis, shares how his early life gave him the experience he needed to become the businessman he is today. When Marcus turned 16, his father took him to a local body shop […]

Kevin O’Leary Discusses His Entrepreneurial Journey to Freedom

Have you ever wanted to start your own business, corner the market, and rake in the dough? Well, stop right there; you’re going in with the wrong frame of mind. We chat with entrepreneur and ABC’s Shark Tank investor, Kevin O’Leary, about his journey and the invaluable lessons he’s learned along the way. In early […]

John Sculley Helps Bring Innovation to the Rx and Credit Industry

  Once in awhile, an invention is introduced that will change the world as we know it; we call this a ‘moonshot’. John Sculley, Author of Moonshot! Game-Changing Strategies to Build Billion-Dollar Businesses, chronicles landscape-defining events of the last decade.   “A noble cause is one where you say, ‘Can I match up what needs […]

John Paul DeJoria on the Importance of Generosity and Happiness in Business

Many people say “let’s get America back to the way it used to be”, but John Paul Mitchell Systems Co-Founder, John Paul DeJoria, tells us why America still works the way it always has. After starting at the bottom, he found success by partnering with hairdresser, Paul Mitchell, to create one of the biggest hair […]

Emmanuel Saujet Describes the Importance of Heritage and Innovation in the Luxury Market

In the world of high-end luxury, you have to be bold to stand out. International Cosmetics & Perfumes CEO, Emmanuel Saujet, explains how knowing your value, playing to your niche, and conveying a sense of heritage are essential keys to a successful cosmetic line. Also, Emmanuel stresses the importance of innovation:   “Fundamentally, luxury also […]

Diving into the Shark Tank and Gadget Accessory Market, With Daymond John

We’ve all been there, our phone is nearly dead at a family gathering, so we plug it in only to find out later that our Aunt went behind our back and unplugged it! Star of ABC’s “Shark Tank” and branding expert, Daymond John has a solution to this and many other problems plaguing the mobile […]

America’s Greatest Prosperity Teacher, Bob Proctor, and the Power of Mentors and a Positive Attitude

We each have infinite potential locked away inside of us, all we need to do is learn how to access it. America’s Greatest Prosperity Teacher, Bob Proctor, joins us to explore our endless possibilities, and set us on the right track to success; but how did Bob make it to where he is today? From […]

ABC Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran on Overcoming Your Biggest Obstacle, a Negative Mindset

Alan Taylor’s children have grown up watching business owners compete for funding on ABC’s Shark Tank. They’re not alone – Alan predicts this will help usher in a new generation of entrepreneurs. Investor, speaker, consultant, author, and one of our very favorite ‘Sharks’, Barbara Corcoran, discusses how she got her start in business and claimed victory […]