ABC Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran on Overcoming Your Biggest Obstacle, a Negative Mindset

Alan Taylor’s children have grown up watching business owners compete for funding on ABC’s Shark Tank. They’re not alone – Alan predicts this will help usher in a new generation of entrepreneurs. Investor, speaker, consultant, author, and one of our very favorite ‘Sharks’, Barbara Corcoran, discusses how she got her start in business and claimed victory over her most challenging adversary, a pessimistic mindset.

“People very often think that the enemy is on the outside,” explains Barbara. “But for me, I found the enemy was on the inside. I was a terrible student in school. So, I grew up thinking I was stupid. It wasn’t until I got into the workforce and part time jobs that I felt capable in anything.”

The rejection Barbara felt in the classroom ignited a passion for entrepreneurship that could not be denied. Barbara sites her dogged determination as her #1 business asset through her triumphs and tribulations. Learn how you can gain shark-like tenacity, listen now.

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